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Originally uploaded by Turrent. Sung by the Vocaloid, Gakupo, along with a number of other Vocaloids. Composed by Mothy. Part of ...

Rating: 4.953689 (3822 ratings)
Author: IkuSuperbia
Duration: 279 seconds
View count: 316,699
I used his old Voicebank for this~ sexy gakupo time :D 0:28 (if you cant wait) Yeah.. really like traditional / ...

Rating: 4.9745297 (9148 ratings)
Author: Lamunan
Duration: 245 seconds
View count: 450,521
Song Title: 背徳の記憶 -The Lost Memory- The Immoral Memory -The Lost Memory- (Haitoku no kioku) Music and lyrics by natsuP Guitar ...

Rating: 4.96102 (19292 ratings)
Author: blacksaingrain
Duration: 256 seconds
View count: 1,718,559
VSQx: Me Picture: I forgot ^^' VSQx: Mp3: http://www.mediafire ...

Rating: 4.9831295 (2371 ratings)
Author: Satan
Duration: 350 seconds
View count: 102,547
VSQx/VSQ: Me Mp3: http://www.mediafire VSQx/VSQ Download: ...

Rating: 4.989338 (2251 ratings)
Author: Satan
Duration: 233 seconds
View count: 103,373
That's right, I've acquired Gakupo's extends! Fawk yeah! VSQ by sango312 Pic from google images mp3: http://www.mediafire ...

Rating: 4.9694266 (1570 ratings)
Author: Likeomgwtfbbq22
Duration: 329 seconds
View count: 93,124
Original song by Taylor Swift Japanese lyrics by Kirby Henry Original I... ...

Rating: 4.9732413 (4933 ratings)
Author: Memzir
Duration: 192 seconds
View count: 196,597

Rating: 4.94713 (5750 ratings)
Author: Kartal Grey
Duration: 215 seconds
View count: 615,112
SONG : Dancing Samurai SINGER : Gakupo ENG TRANSLATED BY : deadbullz (YOUTUBE), Qgeriny (VFC) VIET TRANSLATED BY : Qgeriny (VFC) ...

Rating: 4.9353523 (3434 ratings)
Author: KasaneNeko
Duration: 199 seconds
View count: 437,056
Some were requesting a Gakupo version of Blank Space, so here it is. Hope you like it! Original song by Taylor ...

Rating: 4.953125 (512 ratings)
Author: Memzir
Duration: 233 seconds
View count: 10,463


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