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Please stay up to date on Facebook http://www.facebook. Follow me on Twitter for stream info.Twitter: Ple... ...

Rating: 4.9440403 (1787 ratings)
Author: What the Moose l Pro League of Legends Guides (Double Diamond 1)
Duration: 1162 seconds
View count: 88,581

Rating: 4.9038076 (1497 ratings)
Author: Sykkuno
Duration: 1695 seconds
View count: 70,724
Cody: Wendy: Playing League of Legends as Quinn Masteries: 21/9... ...

Rating: 4.941303 (2794 ratings)
Author: Anklespankin
Duration: 1453 seconds
View count: 141,207
more Voyboy videos there ▽ Stream - Playlist - Pandora Intern... ...

Rating: 4.6056337 (213 ratings)
Author: Fiss Mortune
Duration: 3112 seconds
View count: 59,389
Welcome to Break the Meta. The point of this series is to have fun and play champions not are not usually ...

Rating: 4.8784 (1250 ratings)
Author: Solwolf
Duration: 2179 seconds
View count: 125,815
Westrice playlist (All videos) - Fiss Mortune.Black (LCS OGN replays) - Other Westrice info and more videos below... ...

Rating: 4.7350993 (151 ratings)
Author: Fiss Mortune
Duration: 2719 seconds
View count: 24,869
This splash art is literally my favorite in the game, but the actual skin is just meh. Masteries: Standard 21/9/0 AD ...

Rating: 4.9266057 (218 ratings)
Author: GordanRamseyGaming
Duration: 1609 seconds
View count: 8,977
Pon un Troll en tu vida, Si te quieres reír eres bienvenido :D Click aquí para Suscribirte ▻ CAMISETAS TROLL ...

Rating: 4.9783335 (14031 ratings)
Author: CooLifeGame
Duration: 172 seconds
View count: 63,529
Sounds Lag ♫ more WildTurtle videos there ▽ Stream - ...

Rating: 4.882353 (68 ratings)
Author: Fiss Mortune
Duration: 1741 seconds
View count: 15,239
Vamo jogar LoL? http://signup.league Facebook: Twitter: ...

Rating: 4.951522 (3713 ratings)
Author: zEmersonGamer
Duration: 2080 seconds
View count: 59,289


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