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You can actually see sound waves as they travel through the air thanks to a clever photographic trick. Twitt... ...

Rating: 4.951171 (9011 ratings)
Author: NPR
Duration: 152 seconds
View count: 1,197,299
From mysterious sounds in the sky to strange sounds in the sea, unexplained sounds have been reported worldwide. These are the ...

Rating: 4.5806036 (42461 ratings)
Author: Dark5
Duration: 281 seconds
View count: 11,144,795
Sound waves are all around us, and when harnessed, can do some super cool things. Trace looks at a few ways ...

Rating: 4.7955074 (3873 ratings)
Author: DNews
Duration: 180 seconds
View count: 620,475
Add me on Facebook. (click LIKE on Facebook to add me) https://www.facebook Download the song in this video Song Name: Monolith ...

Rating: 4.958972 (105586 ratings)
Author: brusspup
Duration: 137 seconds
View count: 10,480,113
Welcome To Gifs With Sound! SONG LIST: New Videos Every Wednesday and Sunday! ***Next Upload will be 03/04//2015***... ...

Rating: 4.970677 (2319 ratings)
Author: GIF's with Sound
Duration: 510 seconds
View count: 83,606
NASA Connect segment exploring all the basics of sound including how it works and how it travels. The video also explains ...

Rating: 4.5443788 (338 ratings)
Author: NASAconnect
Duration: 305 seconds
View count: 454,242
It's a video about sound. A science song about sound. Also there's a bit about the five senses. That is a ...

Rating: 4.9153843 (70755 ratings)
Author: charlieissocoollike
Duration: 236 seconds
View count: 3,125,197
This Physics video shows how sound travels through the various states of matter, significance of Vibrations in the traveling of ...

Rating: 4.8964705 (425 ratings)
Author: Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd
Duration: 321 seconds
View count: 119,822
Accuracy not guaranteed. Get Audacity and play! http://audacity.sour Correction: it is the "Basilar" membrane, which is what I say, but somehow ...

Rating: 4.9538946 (18436 ratings)
Author: Vihart
Duration: 769 seconds
View count: 1,084,231
SOUND- Definition "In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through ...

Rating: 4.6900387 (9085 ratings)
Author: ShowtimeSPL
Duration: 352 seconds
View count: 2,958,121


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